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Double Uprights

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click,  Upright Shapes,  to see more personalized shapes available
Click Upright Doubles to see more fine designs
Many arrangements are possibe with the "Wing Type & Multi piece" designs.
Click "Single Uprights" to see more sizes, designs & colors
Many like the slanted front for it's comfortable viewing and upright status,  Click "Double Slants" for more colors and designs
A slant memorial is typically 6" or 8"
thick at the bottom,  and 3" thick at the top.
Click "Bevel Doubles" for more sizes, colors & designs
Click "Bevel Singles" to see more 
of this sturdy and popular shape
Click "Grass Markers" to see double & single flat markers
Bronze markers can be mounted on many materials,  Click "Bronze" to see more applications
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